Sports Funding

Joint funding by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport is providing Cranborne First School with a total of £8,482 for 2015/2016 and £8,530 for 2016-2017.

The provision of the additional Sports Funding from the Department for Education has allowed us to provide internal specialist sports and PE coaching from Year 2 through to Year 4.  This has enabled us to improve both the quality and continuity of our PE curriculum, facilitating skills to be established, built upon and developed throughout the school.  It also provides us with the opportunity to run a competitive fit club at lunchtimes to improve both the fitness and determination of the Key Stage 2 children in particular and has now been extended this year to Key Stage 1.  In addition to this, we are beginning to introduce the School Games values of determination, teamwork, honesty, passion, respect and self-belief throughout general classroom life, with trophies being awarded for these in Celebration Assembly on Fridays.  By this, we aim to instill the concept that Sports, PE and their values are integral to all school life, and not just an additional extra.

The Sports Premium funding has made a difference to the pupils by ensuring that skills learned are progressive from year to year and earlier learning built upon.  Already we have seen a marked improvement in the Key Stage One children’s ability to throw and catch a rugby ball and the Key Stage 2 children’s use of space in invasion games such as football.  General fitness and enthusiasm for sport has also improved.

The Year 3 and 4 Fit Club speed bounce challenge during the Autumn Term 2014 produced marked improvements in both fitness and agility.  The average number of bounces per minute in Year 4 for children who attended at least four times went up from 109 to 136, an increase of 25%. The Year 3 improvement was even more marked, rising from an average of 68 bounces to an average of 120, an increase of 76%! The children really enjoyed stretching themselves to more demanding levels of fitness.  Extending this to Key Stage 1 had a positive impact on the results of the multi-skills tournament, with marked improvements from Year 1 in 2015 to Year 2 in 2016.  For example, in their speed bounce results, we recorded an average increase of 25%, with some children improving by as much as 69%!  This demonstrates the clear impact of the Primary Sports Premium Funding on fitness levels at Cranborne First School.

We are endeavouring to make our activities more physically demanding in order to encourage our children to maximise their potential.

Last year, we also spent the money on specialist PE teaching throughout the school and ran a fit club three times a week, focusing on a rotation of high impact, short burst circuit training activities to improve stamina and fitness.

A detailed document evidencing the impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium is currently being updated and will be available on this website early in the Summer term.

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