Special Education Needs

Our special educational needs policy has been agreed by the governors and is reflective of our Church foundation also. We aim to build a supportive school community which fosters high achievement for all students. “Inclusion” is an ongoing process, culture, policy and practice to which we are committed.  We believe all pupils are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum and one that is differentiated to suit their individual needs.

Almost all children will have particular learning needs at points in their school life. We monitor the progress of all children and intervene or provide additional support when we recognise a risk of underachievement.

Each teacher is responsible for identifying the learning needs of the children in their care and most needs are met by the class teacher through careful planning and with additional adult support at times. Parents are fully consulted and work together with staff to ensure the best possible progress for their child. The child may be placed on the Code of Practice, which ensures that the child has an Individual Education Plan. The plan identifies targets for the child and reflects any outside agency help that the child receives. The targets are shared with the parents and regularly reviewed to ensure the learning keeps progressing. The plan describes how the learning needs will be met and by whom.

Our SENCO or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator works closely with all the staff to ensure that the provision for all children, particularly those with additional needs, is personalised and appropriate.

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To meet the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice, each local authority has to publish a local offer for parents of special needs children so that they are better informed about provision within the authority. Find out about our school’s provision for special needs children as part of the Local Offer for Dorset >> Click here